Thanks for your interest and we hope that you enjoy the website! We truly hope that you’ve found it to be a fun and valuable resource. We’ve listed some FAQs below, and if you have any further questions, feel free to send us a message. We only check email occasionally but will try to respond as soon as possible.

The Namedat Team

What sources were used for this website?

For blog posts, sources are displayed within or at the bottom of the content.

For dog and cat name data, we are using real data for currently adoptable pets across the United States. This data is updated daily, and sent through our statistics-crunching algorithms weekly and monthly in order to produce the pages you see on our dog names and cat names pages. More information about this data can be found here.

For human names, we’ve sourced most of the data from the U.S. Social Security Administration open data sets. More about this can be found here.

I have concerns about a name listed

We care about you and your right to privacy. Please read this if you have any concerns about the names on our site. The notable difference between the human name data that you see on our site and other sites where you might find your name, is that whereas other sites might actually have real data about the person behind the name, we do not have any personal data. As stated on the human names page, THIS SITE IS PROVIDED FOR FUN AND SHOULD NOT BE INTERPRETED AS PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT AN INDIVIDUAL. In fact, our database doesn’t actually have any data based on actual first name-last name combinations, i.e. no database record for “John Doe” exists. Instead, the web pages that we display are based on estimates calculated from what we know about the first name “John” and the last name “Doe”. We are using statistical calculations only and have no personal information about actual people. We have taken care with the design and content displayed to ensure that what we display does not infringe upon the personal privacy rights that we all deserve. We care about people and would never want to put anyone’s privacy or safety at risk. If you feel as though anything we display is beyond your comfort level, please fill out the form below and include the URL of the name page in question. We will respond as quickly as possible and usually have any issues resolved within a day.

How do I inquire about a dog or cat I see listed on Namedat?

Each pet listed on Namedat has information about its current location and caretaker on the pet detail page. There is always contact information listed, so please get in touch with them directly if you are interested in adopting! Namedat does not act as an intermediary or have any official relationship with any of the organizations listed, so please use their contact information to inquire.

How can I find out more about namedat?

We’re pleased that you’re interested! We’ve put together a general About page where we’ll post updates as we have them.

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